High Street Heist

Young people are the future of the high street. They are the ones who will be innovating the shops and high streets of tomorrow. But why not of today? Somewhereto_ is a national project that has been running since 2010, giving young people space to do what they love.

Across the UK the organisation has partnered with venues and organisations able to offer space, and helped young people use those spaces for activities ranging from making music to practising sports.

This summer they’ve taken over high street units in a number of cities in the UK, including Cardiff. I popped in to the space at 11 High Street to find out more.


Each week the space is managed by a young person, aged 16-25. Jamie, this week’s manager, explained how it works. Anyone aged 16-25 can drop in to the space, or book a room, to work on their own creative projects. There’s a calendar on the wall and you can just sign up. People have been making visual art, graffiti, using a photography studio and dark room in the basement and making music.


Young people have also created and put on live music performances, many of which have drawn quite a crowd.

Taffari Farzon, a young musician,  showed me round the venue. He’s been recording songs, and spending time at the space socialising and creating things with other young people. He was very positive about the fact that the space is on the high street – it shows people what young people are doing creatively, rather than hiding it all away in a warehouse somewhere.


Somewhereto_ are on Twitter, and you can find out more about the project here.


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