The future of Cardiff’s arcades

castle arcade
castle arcade
Times are tough for traders in Cardiff’s Castle Arcade

Running through between St Mary Street, Castle Street, The Hayes and High Street are Cardiff’s Victorian Arcades.

They offer an alternative to the big brand high-street and are filled with a variety of shops, cafes and stores. But are they under threat or is it just smoke and mirrors?

On August 4th, there was a story about how the traders in the Arcades, particularly the Castle Arcade, were unhappy with how business was and felt they were under threat. The opening of St David’s shopping centre, the shift of trade away from their end of town, the roadworks on High Street/St Mary Street and the recent roadworks on Castle Street. Add in high rates, squeeze from the banks on availability of finance and consumers less likely to dip into their pockets for luxury goods and it seemed the age of austerity was biting in the Arcades.

But, on August 10th the news comes from Curzon, who own the Castle Street Arcade, that it now has a full compliment of traders and the future looked bright.

So, where does this leave the Arcades? The businesses in the Royal and Morgan Arcades, which are closer to The Hayes and St David’s, seem to be booming and benefiting from the increased footfall brought in by the new giant shopping centre.

Image credit to zawtowers

What do you think about the Arcade’s future? Do you think they are important for Cardiff? Will the big brands eventually shoe-horn independent retailers out of the city centre? Have your say in the comments below


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