Hooters planned for city centre

hooters girls

hooters girls

Cardiff is cementing itself as a stag and hen night destination, and the addition of a Hooters to the city centre will certainly make it an even more popular place to come.

There’s been one hell of a debate over the opening of the American chain but in the end all the protests, Facebook angry words and tweets came to nothing as no one who could object (i.e. local businesses or people) did object. Leaving Cardiff Council with no choice but to grant the permission for Hooters to go ahead and do what it does. If you’re not familiar with Hooters, it’s like a Wetherspoons but with attractive, scantily clad women, walking around and serving you the food and drinks.

We’ve enjoyed watching people work up a self-righteous fury on both sides of the debate over it, and enjoyed these posts in particular from Victoria Whittal-Williams on WalesHome and the musings of Lib Dem Matt Smith.

Image credit to elitistczar

What do you think of the Hooters decision? A step forward for our night-time economy or a slip in standards? Leave your comments below


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