Seeing Cardiff through a tourist’s eyes

Cardiff City Centre Victorian Arcade

During this time of year you see a surprising number of back-pack wearing, map reading and sunglasses wearing/umbrella holding (delete depending on weather) tourists can be seen in Cardiff. It seems the capital is trying hard to attract those from around the world to visit the Castle, Millennium Stadium and sample some of the great shopping we’ve got on offer. It’s been interesting reading these accounts from tourists of their visits to Cardiff.

Social Mom ‘Donna’ gives a Stateside view on the city, she was impressed by the shopping and in particular with the St David’s centre, which was new since her last visit. There was also mention for the art galleries of Cardiff and in particular the Third Floor Gallery on Bute Street.

On the Cardiff City Hotels site there’s a rather cheeky little video of the city centre, set to some rather bizarre music (I think it’s a chart song, but I don’t know what). Worth having a watch as the visitor makes his way through Cardiff to his hotel, including some video footage shot in St David’s.

Over on the Gadling travel blog there’s a write-up for three days in Cardiff by Collin Keeley who had been guest lecturing on social media at Oxford University. He has the following to say about the city centre:

Much of Cardiff city centre has been turned into wide pedestrian walkways. Queen Street is filled with shops, restaurants and nightclubs, while The Hayes is now home to the giant St. David’s Shopping Centre, which is home to upscale shops, an Apple store and more. It’s anchored by John Lewis department store, which is the second largest in the UK. Also in The Hayes is the new Cardiff Central Library, which has more than 90,000 books and regularly host’s art and music events. Along side these new structures are historic ones, like the beautiful St. John the Baptist Church, the oldest in the city dating back to 1490.

Although not a tourist, the lovely Helia Phoenix who runs We Are Cardiff, has started blogging for Groupon (the online site where you print off vouchers and get deals on stuff). She takes outsiders on a tour of the city and provides some great information.


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