Wrap up: Cardiff city centre on the web

Been some interesting blog posts that feature Cardiff city centre recently, so we thought we’d highlight them:

It’s house prices stupid…

So not directly about the centre of Cardiff, but this debate over on WalesHome about the housing market in the UK does focus a lot on Cardiff and particularly in the comments.

A first experience of Speedway in Cardiff

On Saturday 10th July the Millennium Stadium was taken over by British Speedway and so was the city centre, with thousands of fans coming to the Welsh capital. Read the VisitWales blog for one newly converted Speedway fans account.

My top ten Cardiff pubs (Part 1)

Local blogger DJ LeeKee gives us his favourite Cardiff pubs and features the Pen & Whig as one of his favourites. He’s trying to avoid city centre pubs (booo!) but he does pick out some gems.

Visiting Cardiff

It’s really interesting reading blog posts done by tourists about their experience of visiting the city centre. There’s praise indeed from Collin Kelley who is a big fan of the pedestrianisation during his recent trip to do a poetry reading at Old Orleans.

If you’ve seen a good blog post about Cardiff city centre recently or written one yourself, do let us know so we can link to it.


1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the mention m8!

    Was just thinking of my favourite pubs throughout Cardiff and there was quite a lot more than ten – so thought i’d split it up City Centre and non-City Centre!

    Pt2 of non-City Centre coming soon.

    Will have to have a good think about which venues I do actually like in town now……

    Hmmm I got 5 already………time to think up the next 5 aswell!

    PS Great blog!

    DJ Leekee

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