Breakfast at Garlands

Tucked away in the the Duke Street Arcade is a Cardiff gem, Garlands. It also does possibly the best breakfast in the city.

After a heavy evening celebrating my birthday I wanted to take my family somewhere special for a good breakfast. I’d visited Garlands a few times for coffee and decided to give it a try for breakfast. I wasn’t disappointed.

The pancake breakfast is delicious. Scotch style pancakes, covered in layers of scrambled egg (really fluffy, good, scrambled eggs, none of the sloppy buttery crap that you get at Little Chef) and some very delicious bacon. You get syrup as well, which is delicious on the bacon.

The coffee is free refills (much needed for curing the hangover) and the general ambience of the place is great. You get table service and you can imagine it in the old days being wrung with smoke and people flicking through the day’s papers. It’s got that ‘coffee house’ feel of yester-year.

It’s reasonable in price as well, plus you know you’re going to get quality. So, if you fancy something a bit special for breakfast Garlands is the place to go.


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