Castle Street roadworks

The Castle Street roadworks are in full swing, it was a bad start as chaos reigned the first day – as no doubt everyone forgot they were happening and took their usual route.

Now it seems they’ve calmed down a bit as people have clicked on and are finding other ways to navigate around, or working through their lunch breaks so the dispersal from the city centre is staggered.

The pinch points and times are between 8.45 AM and 9.30 PM – after that there’s a very slight delay if you’re turning from Westgate Street onto Castle Street. If you miss the 4.45 PM to 5.30 PM slot it’s business as usual along Castle Street. Just got to use a bit of slyness when planning your journeys and you’ll whizz through.

Full details of the roadworks are on the Cardiff Council site. Work is due to finish in October, by which time St Mary Street should be pedestrianised and there will be a raised traffic crossing (like the one from end of Queen Street to the castle) from end of High Street to the Castle entrance. Also, according to traffic Cardiff traffic Tzar Delme Bowen it means you’ll be able to cycle through the Castle, out of the gate (while doing your best impression from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) and zoom straight onto High Street/St Mary Street – providing of course they don’t ban cycling on that once it’s pedestrianised like they’ve done with Queen Street.

How are you finding the Castle Street roadworks? Do you think they will make a difference? Give us a shout in the comments below.


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