Cardiff “unloved” by the Welsh?

Cardiff City Centre Victorian Arcade
The city centre's Victorian Arcades need to be preserved and promoted more according to WalesHome article

Read an interesting article on WalesHome about how Cardiff is apparently “unloved” by the Welsh. The city is seen as sucking talent out of the rest of Wales and hoarding resources for itself. Yes, Cardiff has benefited from serious development over the last decade or two, not least in the city centre. We’ve got a city we can be proud of, a tourist destination, a major entertainment hub, a shopping mecca, a historic centre and a city with sporting pedigree.

The city centre is a bustling place, both during the day and the night. David Melding, the author of the article, has a good point when he says more needs to be done to promote the Edwardian/Victorian heritage of Cardiff. It is a fine example of some striking buildings from this period, when Britain and Cardiff were enjoying high standing in the world. But how best can these be promoted and preserved? Should as he says one of the houses 0n Cathedral Road be converted into a ‘tourist attraction’ and ‘restored to its period glory’ when there’s a huge demand for housing across the city.

So, is Cardiff unloved by the Welsh? From the evidence I’ve seen from living here I don’t think so, it’s a proud place, a city that knows it has a lot to offer and the city centre is definitely well used and appreciated – but maybe it does need to promote itself more? How would you go about promoting it?

Image credit to Auntie P


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